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The kettle was boiling, the sound of the bubbling water filling the kitchen. It didn’t distract him from the book his bright blue eyes were so intently fixed on. He must have read the book he held in his hands a few times and yet here he was reading it again. There was plenty other things that Remus could have and should have been focussed on, however it was only fairly early and those other things could wait. They were important, of course, and as much as Remus found it hard not to bog himself down with pressing matters — ever since he was young, that was — it was little things like this that could pull him away, even if only for a short while. A short while was nothing, not really.

Suddenly the kettle stop boiling and Remus was forced to reluctantly set his book down on the worktop while he made the tea. The point wasn’t that it took a while to make tea, it was simply that he was engrossed, as always, by the pull of the words and sentences within the pages of the hardback. It really shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to anyone. 

He was walking towards his room now, tea in his hand still boiling hot but it wasn’t scolding enough that he could not take the occasional and small sip from the mug on his short journey to his bedroom. It was a journey that Remus knew all too well and so regardless of whether his eyes were glued to the page and the boiling tea in his hand, he knew that he would not fall. Clumsy he could be at times, but not in journey’s that were engrained into his brain anyway.

The young man had most certainly walked into the bedroom without noticing the woman that lay on his bed. It wasn’t hard to believe because ever since he’d discovered books, he’d been caught too many times, too engrossed in a book to actually pay attention to surrounding and the things people around him was saying. Then of course the flash of pink had managed to enter his gaze as he moved his book, well into the room now. The look of surprise on his face was a picture and surely his fellow marauders would be cursing themselves for missing it, if only they knew. His blue orbs darted from the hair, to the wand and to her eyes. Why was she there, he couldn’t help but wonder. Of course though, with precaution he placed his tea down, and reluctantly the book with it. His wand was in his back pocket — best to be prepared these days, that much he knew all too well. 

Then he questioned her and immediately Remus’ brow rose; he was without a doubt confused. “I’m sorry?” He questioned her, looking for an explanation and his eyes could tell her that much. Faux mission? He could imagine why she wanted one. Besides, there weren’t really any faux missions around these days — not with everything else going on.


Her wand followed him as he moved to free his hands, she didn’t like that but wasn’t going to start firing off curses when she still held the upper hand (or wand in this case). Still she had to give him fair warning that it wasn’t in his best interest to reach for his wand which she knew must be nearby. “Don’t make any movements for your wand, keep your hands where I can see them.”

He looked genuinely confused by her question which only made her confused as well. Usually in these scenarios the proctors were fairly forthright in what she’d need to do; save a magicked doll from a highly guarded location or read some ancient ruins that would dictate how to break an old curse or a hundred different things that they would surely encounter during their career. Tonks was now thinking that he wasn’t telling her because she hadn’t asked him in the right way, bloody bastard for holding her up like that if it were true.

"Okay, you want me to say the thing? I’ll say the thing." She cleared her throat and did her best to get through the canned speech that they were taught to use when coming upon a scene. “‘Ello, Auror Tonks reporting for debriefing and orders." It came out in a monotonous tone as she hated the canned quality in it, preferring to say things in her own colorful way.

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Tonks had just finished with her breakfast and leaving the Leaky Cauldron when her trainers caught on a step, causing her to spill forward onto the cold, hard stone. Except her hands didn’t hit what she was expecting them to and she found herself falling onto a rather soft bed. She was used to being clumsy, always tripping over this or that, and so many of her friends had become experts at casting cushioning charms that she had thought one of them must have conjured the bed, a very good charm indeed. But when she pulled herself up she found that she was no longer in Diagon Alley but a bedroom that she didn’t think she’d ever been in before, and she didn’t think she’d ever had that much to drink that she went home with someone and couldn’t recall a detail like that.

She slowly reached for her wand in her pocket to take it out, not wanting to take any chances. Taking a cue from what she’d learned in her Auror training, Tonks began studying her surroundings to try and place where she was. 'Constant vigilance!' The words rang out in her ears and she couldn’t help but wonder if this was some sort of practical exam where she was thrown quite literally into a strange environment and left to find her way out, with only her wand and her wits to fend off foe. In a corner she spotted something odd that she had to go investigate closer. Why would they put a sizable set of mint, vintage records in a training exercise? More than half of them were muggle as well, she noted after slipping off the bed to investigate closer, and that didn’t seem like anything she’d encountered before in class.

So engrossed in what she was studying before her, Tonks didn’t hear the sounds of someone approaching the room she was in until it was too late. She whipped around with wide eyes that began working immediately to take in every detail of the man, surely wizard, before her. His nose was stuck in a book and he held a steaming cup of tea up with his other hand which was a relief to her as she already had her wand trained on him carefully while all his hands were full. A sprinkling of stubble graced his jawline though judging by the light streaming in through the window it was still morning. The clothes that hung loosely off his body looked second hand but well taken care off as did many of the items she had seen in this room before he walked it. But what struck Tonks the most about this stranger was the pair of piercing blue eyes she found herself staring into and the immediate feeling of calm that washed over her when she locked on them. Her instincts were usually spot on and she didn’t get any threatening vibes from him. Yet, anyways.

"Are you supposed to task me with some sort of faux mission then," she asked, finally speaking up after several long moments of silence. It wouldn’t be the first training exercise she’d had like that, though they never started with her being transported somewhere without her knowledge. But they were always finding a way to keep her on her toes and this was as good as any.